Good mornin to all the fishermen and women out there and welcome to my blog. This blog will be dedicated to all things fly fishing maybe with the odd extra thrown in.
Let me tell you a little bit about myself first. I am a male in my late 20′s from scotland and i have a very big passion for fly fishing. It all started when i was a boy and purchased my own fly fishing kit with some lottery winnings. I think i was around 12 and my £60 winnings was alot of money. On a days bait fishing with my father we decided to stop in at a tackle shop on the way where i found a complete beginners fly fishing set. This consisted of rod, reel, line, bag and some flies for £54. Dont get me wrong it wasnt the best of kit but i theres no way a 12 year old boy was going to be able to spend any more than that.
When i first got that rod and reel built up ready to fish i couldnt wait to get started so i cast and caught a tree behind me. Then i cast again and the fly landed around 18inches infront of me, barely even touching the water. This went on for a while until i could eventually get the fly and line into the water infront of me. After a couple of months my father bought a box of flies for me. Now this wasnt just any old box this was a 4 layer woodbox filled with dry, wet, lures, nymphs, buzzers, you name it and it was in there. Still to this day the best present ive ever received. So for the coming years i got more involved. Learning to cast and the names of the flies.
This went on for a while until one day i gave up. I found that having a night out with friends and a few light refreshments was much more enjoyable than standing freezing at the side of a puddle trying to catch fish. So the rod went in the cupboard and the fishing was finished.
Some years later i now have my own family now they take up alot of time. Nights out are limited money is practically non existent. I work full time and have little time for a social life. After a while i started to remember those days fishing. Out in the beautiful countryside, brisk fresh air and home of britains best fishing destinations. So out came the rods and all the extras and a days fishing was planned.
I started out bait fishing, after all i hadnt been in over 10 years, but the fly rod came as a spare. After being on the bank with the bait in the water and no bites for nearly 4 hours i decided to give the fly a go. Within minutes i had a fish on and let me tell you that no other fish cought on a bait rod, and there have been many, has given me the pleasure i felt when reeling in that first fish on the fly. It wasnt massive but what a fight.
From then on that was me hooked. The bait rod went in the cupboard where i think it will stay and the fly rod is coming with me everywhere. I now feel im searching google for fly only fisheries in search of my next fix. Ive created a map of all the fishing locations in my area and i intend to visit them all. Some people like the nights out in the pub or the game lf football midweek. You can have your crowded pubs and screaming football matches because for me its fly fishing. Started off as a hobby and its slowly turning into an obsession, a passion, a way of life.
Thats what this blog is all about, to write about my trips and catches. To write reviews of fisheries, lochs and rivers i visit. To tell you about the flies i use and when to use them. To give advise and tips from things ive learned along the way. Now im no expert but its always nice to help. I look forward to writing for you in the future. Watch this space.